Feminist thinker, strategist, advocate bringing together two decades of regional and global organizing, convening, and research on gender justice, LGBTIQ, youth, and human rights.

Who I Am

I am an Armenian from Uzbekistan feminist social justice consultant with two decades of experience across regions, movements and sectors. My work supports organizations big and small develop strategies, conduct research, facilitate processes and convenings, and advocate for and distribute more and better resources for our movements. Promoting human rights and justice from a movement-building perspective is at the core of every project I take on. My approach is simple: Above all, I listen to, work with and elevate the voices of those at the center of the struggles and responses.

My social justice work began as a youth activist in my home-town of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Almost two decades later, I have developed a professional career promoting women's and LGBTIQ rights and social justice organizing and philanthropy. I have worked for the world's largest women's rights foundation, the Global Fund for Women, and the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), one of today's flagship feminist organizing institutions.

Angelika Arutyun Portrait

I conceptualized, developed and co-authored groundbreaking research on funding trends as part of AWID's "Where is the Money" initiative. This research has contributed to powerful successful advocacy to improve and increase funding for women's rights organizing. I was part of organizing many convenings, the largest being AWID's 13th International Feminist Forum in Bahia, Brazil in 2016 where I served as a program director. Also, I was part of a co-founding team of FRIDA, the only feminist youth-led fund in the world, which is now a thriving fund with close to USD1 million grantmaking per year. In my consulting practice, a few examples of my work include offering support to:

  • Wikimedia Foundation in integrating equity in their participatory grantmaking and community engagement;
  • UNICEF and World Vision in Abkhazia to integrate gender lens in their Child Protection programs by training social workers and the teams in understanding different vulnerability factors for children based on their gender and how to offer appropriate responses;
  • Astraea and Mama Cash in writing a chapter on Lesbian Bisexual and Queer organizing history and context for the funding trends research;
  • Urgent Action Fund and Astraea in facilitating a convening for queer and trans activists across the post-Soviet region;
  • Worked with NoVo Foundation in co-leading the funding landscape analysis on funding adolescent girls;
  • YIELD Project in facilitating a convening among youth, practitioners and funders to determine the ways forward in the field of Reproductive and Sexual Health and youth leadership.

What I Do

Develop Strategies and Programs

Over the years, I’ve developed multiple strategies and programs alone and with teams. It’s always been crucial to me that programs and strategies are developed in consultation with the communities and activists most affected by them.

Facilitate processes and convenings

I have extended experience facilitating complex processes that often had convenings as part of them. I believe that convenings are a powerful strategy for movement building, solidarity, and bridge-building across sectors, if done well and with participants interests at the center.

Advocate for, Mobilize, and Distribute Resources for Feminist Organizing

In all of my roles, I’ve centered political feminist resource mobilization as one of the core strategies for success, resilience, and sustainability of feminist and other social justice movements. Through direct grantmaking, action-research, donor advocacy, convenings, and activists capacity building, I’ve contributed to increasing and improving funding for feminist organizing over the years.

Conduct Rights-Based Research and Produce Cutting Edge Knowledge

Research and knowledge production make a key contribution to feminist agendas and have been one of the key strategies I've used in my work, identifying and filling the knowledge gaps. Rights-based, evidence-driven, narrated from the perspectives and voices of those most affected, edited and consulted with wider communities are the key ingredients of the way I have done research and knowledge production.

Publications I've Been Mentioned In

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Media I Contributed To Or Featured In

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